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NCLC’s College Pathway Initiative launched in January 2017 as a multi-year demonstration project to support Newark students through three critical developmental phases: high school graduation, the transition to college, and ultimately college completion. Recruiting its Fellows in the tenth grade, the College Pathway Initiative takes a holistic approach to college readiness by providing both academic and social-emotional supports through two innovative program tracks.


Arts Track

The Arts Track features an integrated arts and college readiness curriculum that takes full advantage of Rutgers University-Newark’s Express Newark. Fellows work directly with local artists and university faculty in workshops that include portraiture, digital 3D modeling and printing, screen printing, curating, and theater arts and public speaking. This creative way of engaging students through artistic mediums in a facility that stimulates curiosity and energy enhances staff’s ability to introduce a post-secondary planning component: e.g., vision and goal mapping, determining the right college fit, navigating the admissions and financial aid process, free SAT prep.


Social Justice Track

The Social Justice Track utilizes a social justice curriculum to support the development of youth voice and empowerment, enabling young people to develop a global perspective on justice and citizenship. The ultimate aim is to assist each Fellow in mapping a path to college and career. Saturday Academies include life planning activities, exercises on self-awareness, and seminars on leadership, the city’s history, and youth advocacy.


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